Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3D flower

Hello Everyone!
Today I am going to show you a video of how to create a 3d flower embellishment using a cut from the Sweet Treat cartridge. In other news, I just bought the Once Upon a Princess cartridge from Ebay!I can't wait to use this, of course now this means I must get some new Peachy Keen stamps! I also bought some new ribbon from Etsy. Etsy is a great website, I love it! Everyone can now click on the  "shop" button at the tp of the screen, that will bring you to my Etsy shop, I am uploading cards as we speak. I'm trying to sell a hat and scarf made by my aunt and mom. Take a look it's really cute, and it's affordable.

If you are interested in buying the scarf or hat, click on there links!

And now, for the video. I used The Sweet Treats cartridge, Cricut paper, glue, and a cute button!

EDIT, February 6, 2011

I just one the stylish blogger award! Thank you Amber.
Upon receiving this award I must...
1) thank the person who gave this award to me and link it back to their blog
2) share 8 things about myself
3) pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered
4) leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition!

8 things you should know about me..

1) I'm seventeen years old, I'm a senior in high school and after I graduate I plan on attending college. I plan on majoring in business and visual arts.  I hope that this will help me establish my own business.

2) I love photography! I hope that in my future job I can incorporate photography. 

3) I'm Italian, and plan on revisiting family in Italy this summer. 

4) I love to bake and have an obsession with making cupcakes!

5) I don't know how to snap my fingers.

6) Among my friends, I am the tallest. I'm 5'8.

7) I've loved arts and crafts ever scince I was a kid! I always had markers, crayons, paper and scissors! I even used to save the pretty paper, because I didn't want to wast it!

8) I like a wide rang of music, including: Country, Christan rock, pop, rap and more! I hate listing to music with people screaming!

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  1. Very cute! I'm giving you a Stylish Blogger Award! Thank you visiting my new blog and for sharing all your great work! Stop by to pick up your award!!